Code more. Stop less. Secure everything.

Keep your company out of the headlines. Prevent vulnerabilities and misconfigurations without slowing down or becoming a security expert.


Frustrated by the security tax?

Cloud application development is becoming faster and more complex. Old security approaches are holding developers back.

Last-minute security gates

Security flags issues days or weeks after developers submit code. Switching context to fix issues is a productivity killer.

Unneeded security tickets

Developers chase security tickets, only to find dead end “issues” that don’t apply to how or where your code is being used.

Confusing security standards

Compliance is a moving target. Standards change. Cloud infrastructure varies. Developers struggle to apply the latest standards to each workload.


How developers are leveraging Kubernetes

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How developers are leveraging Kubernetes


Arm developers for (security) success

Empower developers to push secure code into production as fast as possible and give security teams full visibility and control of software risk.

Self-service code security

Boost developer productivity with automated guardrails and remediation guidance that is tightly integrated within existing toolchains and workflows.

Reduce security ticket backlog

Know where to focus first. Easily prioritize security issues by understanding the exposure and risk of each vulnerability, defect, and misconfiguration.

Identify the critical security measures

Ensure that developers, throughout the DevOps life cycle, understand the relevance and context for the latest security controls and standards to their code.


Maintain pipeline velocity and deliver secure code

Remove security roadblocks and cut ticket backlog. Assess and implement security as you code, without disrupting existing workflows.

Security by design

  • Ensure developers are writing and committing secure code.
  • Eliminate security friction and application delays and downtime.
  • Reduce risk by finding and fixing security defects before code is released to production.

No more context switching

  • Automatically discover repositories and test code in use across the organization.
  • Gain immediate feedback from pull requests and commits, including defects, remediation guidance, and one-click auto-remediation, without leaving your tools or disrupting standard code review workflows.

Goodbye, erroneous tickets

  • Gain unique visibility and insights into what code packages are actively running.
  • Deprioritize security alerts that are tied to inactive packages.
  • Dramatically reduce your backlog of open security tickets.

One cloud platform from code to prod

  • Partner with security and risk teams more closely to understand security and compliance requirements, specific issues with priorities and context, and the status of remediation efforts.
  • Leverage a unified and centralized solution that provides critical context from across the entire cloud-native application life cycle.