CSPM and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Increase multicloud security posture management with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Minimize security risks in Oracle Cloud

Enable monitoring, assessments, and posture management of your high value applications, securely and with visibility and context.

Are misused resources putting you at risk?

Continuously monitor and identify unusual behavior to stop misuse of Oracle resources and reduce risk.

Are misconfigurations and security gaps delaying compliance?

Easily validate security posture against regulatory frameworks and CIS Benchmarks to uncover discrepancies and quickly correct security controls to prove compliance.

Multiclouds making visibility murky?

Catalog cloud resources and gain a complete inventory across multiple clouds and rank events by severity so you know what to remediate first.


Modern security for the modern cloud

Our solution for Oracle Cloud security ensures continuous compliance and protects data from unauthorized exposure — all with minimal maintenance.

Reduce compliance struggles

Receive alerts about changes to your compliance posture and demonstrate compliance with simplified reporting.

Improve visibility across multicloud environments

Inventory your cloud assets and understand when and how your configurations change.

From overwhelmed to prioritized

Pair misconfigurations — including those related to IAM users, policies, and roles — with anomalous activities for better risk context.

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“We turned Lacework on and immediately started seeing the things in our environment that we wanted to know about. Our DevOps engineers saw it in action and fell in love. They couldn’t believe it was so simple.”

Dave Ramsay

Head of Engineering, COO