Lacework AI Assist

Level up your team’s cloud expertise with personalized experiences to simplify security and investigation.

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Your AI-powered security sidekick

Lacework AI Assist is a new assistive experience, powered by AI, to help your teams understand and action security alerts with personalized context. It’s your intelligent ally in making informed security decisions, always ready to help answer common security questions.

Your AI-powered security sidekick


Level up your team’s security expertise

Lacework AI Assist is a whole new way to engage with our platform and navigate security with confidence, speed, and ease.

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Explore the “why” behind security alerts

Find out why you’re getting each alert and what it means, delivered in a way that makes sense to anyone in your organization.

Contextualize and prioritize security events

With a detailed breakdown of the risks associated with alerts, you can prioritize and focus on what matters most.

Actionable steps, faster resolution

Get clear, simple steps to help you mitigate risks and resolve security issues faster.

Meet teams on their terms

Regardless of your technical expertise, managing security issues is simple with instant responses to your questions.


Your privacy, our innovation

Lacework was founded on the premise that harnessing your cloud data through deep ML/AI capabilities is the way to bring safety and scale to cloud security.

Our deep ML/AI heritage

Our deep ML/AI heritage

Since 2015, our platform has been using AI/ML to detect anomalies and conduct deep analysis of cloud and security events. We have nearly 200 AI patents and pending applications around our AI/ML technologies.

What happens in your cloud stays in your cloud

What happens in your cloud stays in your cloud

What happens in your cloud, stays in your cloud. Lacework always keeps your data private ensuring that data never leaves your cloud environment.

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"The Lacework assistive AI technology will give our cloud security engineers greater insight into alerts that will help our team with threat investigations, remediations, and operational efficiency. Knowing that Lacework built their assistive technology with a private by design architecture — for both data ingestion and for training the model — is also extremely important to us."

Colin Barr

Senior Engineering Manager, Application Security

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"I am excited to see the GenAI capabilities that Lacework is bringing to the platform. This functionality will help my teams, both technical and non-technical, with evidence gathering. It will assist with questions that the teams may not have the time and resources to perform research on, as well as explaining impacts to our overall compliance. I foresee this product dramatically speeding up our ability to understand and close alerts."

Patrick Linnane

Senior Director, Information Security Operations