Edge Secure Internet Access

Reliable connectivity
for the global workforce

Fend off threats with a unique, data-driven approach to internet and web application connectivity

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Stop bad actors

Filter web traffic and prevent cyber threats like malware and phishing from affecting networks, data, and users

Get visibility and control

Enhance security, compliance, and productivity with more visibility and control over web traffic and user activity

Be remote work ready

Filter web traffic, detect threats, enforce policies, and ensure compliance for uninterrupted remote work

Detect and prevent elusive threats

  • Pinpoint suspicious activities with real-time risk assessment and enforce web category policies with URL filtering to block risky sites
  • Conduct SSL inspection and threat detection through file upload/download hashing
  • Use threat feed scans to identify and flag DNS requests to malicious sites

Implement risk-based internet access

  • Detect and block harmful DNS requests through individual user risk profiles
  • Dynamically adjust security policies based on user, device, application, and content risk
  • Visualize risk by correlating users, devices, and locations for thorough threat assessment

Enjoy optimal and consistent network performance

  • Enjoy consistent performance while accessing the internet via a cloud-native, inline architecture
  • Distribute bandwidth efficiently through strategic routing of non-essential traffic via split tunnels
  • Implement dynamic access policies based on user risk, device posture, application risk, and content risk


What is Secure Web Gateway (SWG)?

A secure web gateway (SWG) is a security solution that protects users from web-based threats by filtering malicious internet traffic, enforcing web policies, and preventing data breaches, ensuring safe internet usage.

Is Lacework Edge Secure Internet Access a SWG solution?

Edge Secure Internet Access goes beyond a traditional SWG by monitoring and filtering web traffic to enforce content, application, and behavior policies. It protects against threats and ensures compliance with granular, identity-based policy configurations, offering enhanced security.