Edge Data Security

Secure your data,
no matter where it lives

Protect your data with granular monitoring across cloud and IT infrastructure

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Secure data in SaaS apps

Monitor, detect, and prevent unauthorized access or sharing of critical data

Secure data in cloud

Protect data in cloud storage solutions from potential breaches, unauthorized access, and control issues

Manage endpoint risks

Reduce endpoint vulnerabilities by monitoring and controlling data access

Protect sensitive and business-critical information

  • Detect and alert admins of unauthorized access in real-time
  • Track document access within popular SaaS platforms like Office 365, Google Workspace, and Dropbox
  • Dynamically model proper access to ensure sensitive data remains secure

Tackle compliance with confidence

  • Monitor document access and usage to meet compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Get detailed and automated reporting with everything you need to prove compliance
  • Be certain your organization sticks to data protection regulations

Efficient and effective workflows boost team productivity

  • Remove unauthorized document access immediately
  • Seamlessly integrate with commonly used ecosystems
  • Intuitive workflows makes document management easier and more secure than ever