Flexible deployment: Agentless and agent approach

A combined agentless and agent-based approach provides the visibility needed to have maximum security for cloud accounts and systems.


Agentless and Agent: a more perfect union

The simplicity of an agentless approach and the visibility of a directly deployed agent. Only this combination will show you the big picture of what needs to be protected.

Traditional agents slowing you down?

Save valuable time and space with a modern agent that takes a few minutes to set up and provides enhanced visibility with minimal overhead.

Weak cloud security posture management?

Improve your posture with an agentless approach that uses APIs to pull data from your cloud service providers, reducing risk throughout the software development lifecycle.

Gaps in coverage and visibility?

An agentless solution detects attacks and misconfigurations in your cloud accounts, while an agent-based approach monitors your systems for threats and vulnerabilities.

Deploying across complex cloud environments?

Deploying agents across clouds and cloud workloads goes from tiresome to untenable as your company’s footprint and complexity grows. Streamline the process with Lacework.


The power of two

With our combined agentless and agent-based solution, you get flexible yet continuous coverage across your cloud accounts and systems.

From clunky solutions to lightweight agents

Created to meet the needs of today’s organizations, our agent provides quick time to value and requires minimal CPU and memory bandwidth.

From sporadic checks to constant analysis

Continually collect data to assess configurations, vulnerabilities, and threats across accounts and workloads by using agentless and agent-based solutions. Toggle between collecting more extensive data or just the essentials, so you always have the right amount of detail.

From coverage gaps to complete visibility

With a combined approach, have greater visibility into your cloud assets, their connections, and their security posture, from build time through run time.


Simultaneous visibility into cloud accounts and systems

An easy-to-deploy layered approach provides quick time to value. Get the coverage you need with just the right amount of actionable data, whatever your environment or use case.

Gain insight into your cloud accounts

Our agentless approach provides:

Understand what’s happening on your systems

With our agent, you receive:

  • Cloud intrusion detection.
  • File integrity monitoring (FIM) with selective triggers. Choose and customize which files matter most to your operations and focus on what’s truly essential to your business.
  • On-the-fly configuration capabilities as security needs change.
  • User, file, application, and process behavior monitoring.
  • Network, process, and user anomaly detection.
  • Kubernetes, containers, and workload monitoring.
  • Host and container vulnerability assessment.

Answer questions across your environments

Our combined approach tells you:

  • What services your cloud account is accessing, and who is accessing them.
  • What configurations have been deployed, and if they’re compliant.
  • What your system is running, what it’s talking to, and who’s accessing what.
  • What vulnerabilities exist, and if the packages are active.
  • What behaviors are outliers compared to your standard.

Quickly deploy across multiple environments

Our simple agent configuration tool allows for:

  • Fast deployment of agents across multiple AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or container workloads.
  • Pre-configured templates for fast and flexible agent settings.
  • Time saved when expanding or contracting your cloud footprint.