Cloud Workload Protection Platform

Workload security
starts and ends with
threat detection

Go beyond the basics. Our advanced detection capabilities identify even the most elusive threats in real-time to stop bad actors in their tracks.

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Uncover hidden threats

Discover never-before-seen attacks with patented behavioral anomaly detection and context-rich Composite Alerts

Stop threats up to 100x faster

Automatically aggregate and analyze evidence and context of emerging threats with machine learning, delivering a consolidated, actionable alert

Most effective agent in cloud security

See and protect every workload with a modular, adaptive agent to gather the security telemetry you need to focus on your true threats and vulnerabilities

Protect all workloads

Zero snapshots—protect your cloud infrastructure with a security platform that is private by design and keeps your data where it is

Complete protection for your workloads

No other platform comes close to breadth and depth of ML-driven training to detect anomalous behavior across containers, hosts, Kubernetes, and other workloads at runtime

Detect suspicious activities early

  • Uncover incidents from a weak signal anywhere across your clouds
  • Continuously append and automatically provide rich, contextual details to the detection
  • Intelligently collect evidence from multiple signals to form a single, consolidated alert of a bad actor

Exponentially accelerate investigations

  • Cut down attacker dwell time and minimize business impact
  • Eliminate alert noise by up to 1000x with Lacework Composite Alerts
  • Correlate known attack patterns with anomaly detections while continuously adapting against new attack tactics

Predict how attackers may infiltrate your organization

  • See the attack paths across your multicloud environment and proactively mitigate these weak points across your organization
  • Increase visibility with a single, unified platform to assess vulnerabilities and enforce security policies to protect your cloud workloads
  • Implement security recommendations to prevent costly issues such as fines and lost revenue
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“We avoided hiring four full-time employees, eliminated spend on the human resource side, and freed up resources that we already had.”

John Turner | Senior Security Architect

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“Lacework is set up with a regulatory environment in mind and it’s a very data-driven solution. We’re able to actually show our customers our responses to events in the environment in real time. It’s a tremendously important part of our data security toolkit.”

David Odmark | Chief of Security

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CWPP Fundamentals


What are the best practices for maximizing the benefits of CWPP?

As a best practice, a CWPP should be deployed early on in cloud adoption journeys to embed security. Taking full advantage of automation and advanced analytics maximizes the value gained.

Is it better to have agent-based or agentless CWPP deployments?

Both agent-based and agentless CWPP deployments are essential as they enhance proactive security, threat detection, and address risks in code and at runtime.

What is the difference between CWPP and CNAPP?

A CWPP is part of a larger cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP). CNAPP offerings bring together multiple disparate security and protection capabilities into a single platform.