Shift Left Faster: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security For the Win

​​Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is quickly becoming the primary mechanism to manage cloud infrastructure at massive scale. While this significantly increases innovation speed, it also introduces additional risk.

With more decentralized teams now provisioning this infrastructure, there is a heightened risk of misconfigurations and vulnerability gaps. Not only is it more expensive to fix security issues when code is running in production, the longer security gaps are left open, the more chances of a successful attack multiply exponentially.

Join us to learn how to implement security best practices into your existing DevOps workflows to achieve the full benefits of IaC and continue building at hyper-speed. You’ll learn how to:

  • Empower developers to do their job securely with frictionless vulnerability management
  • Democratize access to security event data to capitalize on speed and safety
  • Continue pushing code quickly, while being able to see and remediate vulnerabilities earlier in the development cycle
  • Embed security and compliance earlier into your workflows to confidently ship cloud apps faster while maintaining consistency and manageability

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