7 key considerations before sending your AWS CloudTrail logs to a SIEM

Organizations have traditionally turned to a SIEM vendor to analyze and manage their security events. They load a ton of log types, including AWS CloudTrail, to better understand their environment. However, this leaves the team with more security alerts to review and investigate without vulnerability context.

In this webinar, Lacework Senior Solutions Engineer, David Segura, talks about the seven most important factors to consider if your organization sends raw AWS CloudTrail logs to your SIEM tool.

Learn how you can:

  • Reduce your SIEM costs by 75%+ by pre-processing your AWS CloudTrail logs to send only security-relevant data
  • Slash your investigation and remediation time with richer, contextual details, and direct links to the resource in question
  • Save time and allocate your security resources towards high-impact projects

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