Scurri doubles productivity, wins new enterprise customers, and fosters collaboration across teams

We needed the reporting capabilities of Lacework to aid us in giving our customers information in a specific format that they can easily understand.


Scurri is an API and dashboard software solution that powers ordering, shipping, and delivery for online retailers. The platform is seamlessly integrated with a network of 700+ carrier services by dynamically interfacing with APIs and endpoints as well as providing in-house solutions. Scurri has an optimized and reliable technical offering at the checkout, label creation, and package tracking stages, and it provides key insights by leveraging analytics and reporting capabilities.


  • Increase reporting capabilities to aid in due diligence with enterprise customers
  • Achieve better visibility into hosts and their communications
  • Improve overall cloud security posture while working to meet compliance standards


  • Deployed Lacework platform within 30 minutes
  • Worked alongside Lacework team to see proof of value firsthand


  • Facilitated communication and collaboration between DevOps and SecOps teams
  • Doubled the security team’s productivity without increasing headcount
  • Won new enterprise customers by demonstrating compliance