Pocket Gems protects customer data and improves vulnerability detection

Lacework quickly gave us the visibility that led to an immediate grasp on what we need to do to keep our players safe.


Pocket Gems seeks to build the greatest mobile games and interactive entertainment in the world. This is the mission their founders began in an apartment above a pizza shop in 2009 and continues to inspire its over 200 employees. Based in San Francisco, Pocket Gems is constantly breaking new ground in mobile entertainment—continually releasing new content for their mobile storytelling network and platform, Episode, and for their visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game, War Dragons. They are committed to building diverse, safe, and inclusive environments in their games and across their company.


  • Gain a consolidated view of multiple, disparate cloud environments
  • Accurately assess all cloud vulnerabilities
  • Ascertain how to better safeguard player data


  • Detect anomalies and determine existing vulnerabilities
  • Define multiple channels and rules with detailed reporting
  • Access to detailed information needed to protect player data while minimizing the number of agents deployed


  • Improved ability to secure sensitive data and protect customer privacy
  • Improved detection and reporting of vulnerabilities and issues
  • Increased visibility and understanding of diverse multicloud environments