Geo-analytics firm Kayrros uses Polygraph to protect the most precious of data

I have never seen a solution with the capabilities and comprehensiveness of Lacework.


Kayrros is a leading advanced energy and environmental geo-analytics firm. Founded in 2016, Kayrros uses technology to process satellite imagery, geolocation data, textual information, and multiple sources of alternative data to monitor and measure energy, natural resources, and industrial activity worldwide. Traders, investors, operators, and governments then use this data to make better decisions on energy and the environment.


  • Convey critical ecological information in the face of malicious attacks
  • Defend against intruders with visibility through cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Understand network communication between components across multicloud infrastructure


  • Set baseline for alerting on anomalous behavior with Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform
  • Increased visibility by using Lacework to process and digest large volume of AWS CloudTrail data
  • Gained quick understanding of infrastructure with monitoring and vulnerability management


  • Received less than 5 critical/high alerts per day, cutting investigation time and improving remediation
  • Raised baseline security level by integrating inline scanner on Continuous integration (CI) pipelines
  • Protected multicloud environment with visibility into infrastructure and vulnerabilities