With increased visibility, AOK Systems efficiently secures sensitive healthcare data

Instead of looking through multiple tools for the information we need, we have it all in one platform.


AOK Systems is one of the leading information technology (IT) partners for social security in Germany. They specialize in software-based solutions for managing data, customer relationships, performance, inventory, and information technology. With a market share of 55%, they focus on statutory health and long-term care insurance, orchestrating dependable solutions for customer communities and enabling IT service providers to network reliably and securely with all players in the healthcare sector.


With five disparate tools in their technology stack, AOK Systems was frustrated by the lack of visibility into their AWS environment. Accessing needed information could take hours and involved time-consuming manual processes. As a healthcare organization, they required a security solution that could help them meet rigorous compliance standards.


Within 48 hours of deploying Lacework, AOK Systems had all of their AWS accounts up and running. The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform gave them the needed visibility into their environment and offered customized suggestions for how to improve their ISO 27001 compliance. They also discovered how Lacework security automation could save their team huge amounts of time.


  • Eliminated five tools, cutting investigation time and saving money on software licenses
  • Kicked off ISO 27001 compliance process with strong view into resources
  • Discovered containers running Log4j with a single click, speeding up the remediation process