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Datengesteuerte Cloud-Security-Plattform

Erfahren Sie, wie Lacework Kunden hilft, ihre cloud nativen Anwendungen vom Code bis zur Produktion zu schützen.

CNAPP-Funktionen in Aktion

Lassen Sie Ihre Cloud-Daten für Sie arbeiten. Die automatische Analyse erkennt die größten Risiken, ungewöhnliche Aktivitäten und aktive Bedrohungen und hilft Ihnen, Ihre Cloud-Umgebung zu sichern.


Machen Sie sich mit der Plattform von Lacework vertraut

Klicken Sie sich in Ihrem eigenen Tempo durch unsere Plattform und machen Sie sich mit gängigen Kundenanwendungsfällen vertraut.


Treffen Sie sich 1:1 mit einem Sicherheitsexperten

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Cloud secure from build to runtime

Data-driven CNAPP

Polygraph data platform collects data on activity related to:

  • Workloads: These are the processes, connections, and files scanned
  • Compliance resources: All the resources in your cloud infrastructure are inventoried, and configurations are evaluated.
  • Logs: These are the activity logs from your cloud infrastructure — Cloudtrail, Azure Activity Log, Google Cloud Audit Logs

We enrich workload data by mapping network connections to the process that handles them.

Secure your build

The new behaviors and changes in your environment are flagged as possible signs of trouble. The platform quickly spots trouble in cloud accounts and workloads through behavior-based threat detection and presents this activity within human-browsable graphs.

Alerts are prioritized by criticality to simplify and speed investigations. For any event, Lacework answers five critical questions — who, why, what, when, and where — and provides the visualization to show you exactly what happened, effectively eliminating the manual queries and intensive research typically associated with IOCs and complex rulesets. This important context can help you quickly understand the interactions between resources, services, users, and network activity to detect abnormalities.

Securing your cloud accounts and services

Unlike traditional vulnerability management tools not built to secure modern cloud environments, Lacework helps you assess risk, prioritize action, and maintain a secure cloud environment to protect against vulnerabilities.

Polygraph data platform achieves this by scanning containers, container registries, and hosts for OS and third-party packages earlier in the development process and can be integrated into your CI/CD pipelines. Lacework tracks containers and hosts into the runtime to discover any abnormal activity that could exploit potentially unknown vulnerabilities. Security teams are empowered to spot vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance to developers in an easy-to-understand dashboard,  prioritized by risk.

Reduce risks and meet compliance

Lacework provides the visibility and context you need to know what is happening in your multicloud environment at any time. We eliminate the guesswork so you can quickly identify all of your assets, find misconfigurations, and be aware of compliance violations to reduce risk and exposure.