Security just as important for small businesses

Small businesses are stretched thin.

When you run a small business, it’s not unusual for people to wear several hats. Anyone remember the generic job title that was used to describe this? If you answered “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”, then you’re definitely of a certain age.

Small businesses rely on technology just as large businesses do, however often without the dedicated teams that make up larger IT departments. Instead of having a security group, a development group, tech support, etc., small businesses usually have a handful of people slated to do all of those things.

And as more businesses, large and small, lean into the cloud, the security attack surface increases with it. With all the cloud security logs and events and alerts there are, large businesses have a tough enough time tracking down alerts to see what’s real or what’s a false positive.

What if there were a way to reduce the amount of time that your limited resources, budget, and staff spent trying to ensure your cloud’s security and compliance, letting you and your team get back to the task at hand: helping your company make money.

Lacework’s cloud security platform can do just that, and make it easy in the process.

Our patented technology created a baseline behavior model of your infrastructure and then alerts you when something out of the ordinary occurs. The best part is, if you’re familiar with security, you don’t even have to write rules to do it.

Sound amazing? It is.

We’ve put together a short video explaining how it all works, in a way that simplifies it.



With Lacework, the only sheep you’ll need to count are those jumping over the fence as you drift off to a good night’s sleep.

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