Securing the Future of Business

Lacework was founded seven years ago to help address the unique challenges businesses faced in the cloud. Since then, the market has grown exponentially, and our cloud security platform has grown right along with it. Which is why today we’re announcing an investment in Lacework that represents the largest funding round in security industry history. This new investment will help us further speed our own innovation and operations, all with a focus on helping our customers embrace security not as a blocker, but as an enabler of innovation – just as we have.

Security is at a crossroad. As companies grapple with a new world of working, cloud computing has taken center stage, and it’s become an increasingly active balance for modern business to address growing complexities and demand for agility, while instilling confidence in core operations.

This move to the cloud, when coupled with the need to innovate faster and with more agility, has shifted security from an access problem to a data problem. This is putting both developers and security pros in uncharted territory, and today’s security tools can’t and won’t keep up. The increasing number of supply chain attacks and undetected security threats create a time-consuming distraction that delays the pace of innovation. And the ever-expanding variety of both legacy and new security tools and solutions seem to only address part of these challenges, creating confusion at best. At worst? Chaos.


Security is a data problem

The cloud is a constantly changing environment, and one that often intimidates those who entrust their data to it. The data-rich world we are working with is unprecedented territory, forcing companies to try and solve one of the most complex challenges in modern computing: how do you innovate at scale, while keeping data secure in the cloud? Globally, companies are perplexed about how to remain agile and innovate, while protecting their property and operating in such a mercurial environment.

At Lacework, we believe the answer is to completely rethink the approach to security. We’ve found companies of all shapes-and-sizes are itching to grow quickly and at scale, but they often overlook security as a crucial step in their design; not because it’s unimportant, but because the traditional approach to securing data was slow and an impediment to innovation. This is no longer the case, and it’s why our investors are supporting us in such an unprecedented way.


Investing in the future of business

When the pandemic hit, business drastically transformed. Bedrooms suddenly became call centers, and engineers built from their sofas and dining tables. Entire workforces began operating from their homes. And in response, businesses moved their operations to the cloud for it’s promise of flexibility and access. What wasn’t addressed were critical questions like, ‘how do we protect our IP?’ ‘How can we safely share information when we are adapting in such a significant way, and all at once?’

These remain challenges for developers and business leaders alike. This new round of funding will help Lacework address them head-on through:

    1. Innovation. We’ll continue to accelerate the velocity of product innovation and deliver increasing value to our customers. For example, Lacework last week announced several new innovations to its platform, including support for Extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF), as well as our first strategic acquisition in Soluble, an infrastructure as code security company.


    1. Customer Empowerment. As our customers face an increasingly complex, vulnerable business environment, Lacework will continue to ensure we’re providing automation to see and understand cloud changes at scale, without requiring manual intervention by security teams. These insights earlier in the development process lead to safer innovation, at higher velocity.


  1. Industry Leadership. Lacework was founded on the premise security is now a data problem, brought on by the enormous scale, evolving technologies, adaptive infrastructure, and constant change of cloud environments. We’ll continue to lead the industry with our Cloud Security Platform, fueled by Polygraph®, a patented machine-learning engine that delivers customers better efficiency and a higher return on investment.


Thanks and Gratitude

We love enabling customers and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve them each and every day. At Lacework, we believe our data science approach to cloud security will continue to empower businesses to move quickly and confidently as new cloud technologies and use cases come along. We also believe our data-centric point of view will separate the leaders from the followers in the emerging Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) market.

It’s with much thanks and gratitude we applaud our customers; our past, current and future Lacers; and our new investors, as well as those that have been with us since the beginning. And knowing our teams and ecosystem of partners, we will enthusiastically embrace this new phase with passion, creativity, and discipline to continue to empower our customers and be the most trusted security platform for the cloud.

Because this isn’t about just the future of security, it’s about the future of business.


Join the Conversation

To help you close out the year, we’ll be hosting a special live webinar to dive into the latest research and cloud security predictions for 2022. Join Lacework’s Chief Architect Ulfar Erlingsson and Distinguished Cloud Strategist Mark Nunnikhoven on Thursday, Dec. 9, for what is sure to be a lively discussion. Click here to register.

And we’re only just getting started! Looking forward to working with everyone to change security forever and enable our customers to innovate with speed and safety.


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