Announcing Lacework on the Terraform Registry!

We are extremely excited to announce that both the Terraform Provider for Lacework, and Terraform Modules for integrating Lacework with AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have migrated to Hashicorp’s Terraform Registry launched earlier this year.

Hashicorp Terraform is hugely important to Lacework both internally for our own ability to manage the cloud environments that run the Lacework platform, but also for our customers who rely on automation to integrate Lacework with their public cloud environments.

Terraform Registry



As part of the migration process we are also excited to announce Lacework as an official Technology Partner of Hashicorp, and with that partnership all Lacework Terraform projects are verified!


“Verified providers are owned and maintained by third-party technology partners. Providers in this tier indicate HashiCorp has verified the authenticity of the Provider’s publisher, and that the partner is a member of the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program.”


Shipping Features Faster!

As of today the Lacework Terraform Provider has 18 custom resources for managing the configuration of Lacework, and 9 Terraform modules designed for rapid onboarding for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Cloud environments into Lacework.

Migrating to the Terraform Registry means that Lacework can ship new updates to the provider and modules faster, and we have a lot on our roadmap that we are excited to deliver to our customers.


Support for Terraform 13

Terraform 13 has been around for a while now, but not all companies have adopted Terraform 13 just yet, which poses challenges for backwards compatibility. Luckily the registry has simplified the ability for developers of Terraform Providers and modules to support Terraform 13 and 12. With Terraform 14 on the horizon, Lacework will be ready to go when our customers are.


All New Support Documentation

We believe that leveraging Lacework Terraform modules should not require a DevOps ninja to make your environment automated. To coincide with the migration to the Terraform Registry, Lacework has published all new documentation for how to use Terraform to integrate AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure Cloud.

Want to integrate an existing AWS consolidated CloudTrail deployment to Lacework? We’ve got you covered with our Terraform Modules for AWS! Want to leverage the Terraform natively installed in Google Cloud Shell to integrate GCP with Lacework, or Terraform installed in Azure Cloud Shell to integrate Azure with Lacework?? We’ve got you covered there too!

Adopting a culture of DevOps is a journey. Regardless if your goal is to run Terraform as a one-off to integrate Lacework with your cloud provider of choice, or if you want to manage all of the configuration of Lacework with GitOps best practices, we are committed to delivering for our customers.


Hashicorp Webinar January 28th

If you like what you are hearing and want to learn more, then check out our upcoming events to sign up for our joint webinar with Hashicorp on January 28th on using automation to drive security within your organization.



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