Lacework Partners with Google Cloud

Today we are happy to share that our partnership with Google Cloud is expanding, and Lacework is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, with strategic integrations to come. This is a great opportunity for joint customers to improve their security posture, vulnerability management, and workload security across Google Cloud and multicloud environments from build to runtime.

With the fast paced changes in technology, organizations are struggling to keep up with the speed and the impact that it has on their business and security landscape. As a multicloud platform, Lacework sees this partnership providing our mutual customers a simplified view of their risk management strategy across their cloud-native environments.

And simply put, we are better together. In partnership, we help organizations:

  • Simplify multicloud security complexities by providing a single view into security and compliance findings.
  • Improve security posture through access to timely, accurate, and reliable information.
  • Quickly address security needs with a single platform.

The Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform delivers security, including vulnerability management, posture and compliance, and threat detection across a multicloud environment. Our patented technology can automatically detect anomalous activity in runtime without the creation of any rules. Our customers then receive relevant and actionable alerts instead of having to spend time sifting through noise, giving them the time to truly use their security skills for the tasks that really matter to the organization.

Our visualizations help the users understand the what, why, where, when, and who of the alerts and identify what happened before, during, and after a security event. This accelerates the investigation process, bringing a potential threat to resolution faster. And by joining forces with Google Cloud, these capabilities are stronger by enhancing the technologies you trust. This empowers our customers with a better understanding of what “normal” looks like in their Google Cloud environment.

This announcement is just the beginning. Lacework and Google Cloud will continue to integrate additional features. In the first half of the year, for example, our teams are working on technical integrations with Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC) and Cloud Asset Inventory (CAI). SCC is Google Cloud’s centralized vulnerability and threat service, and CAI is their inventory service. These future integrations mean DevOps and Security teams will have an even greater opportunity to align, automate, and transform their business.

Why are these Lacework marketplace integrations, such as this partnership with Google Cloud, so important to your organization? Because when you work in a multicloud world, security can become increasingly more difficult. And finding a simple, more balanced approach to on-premises security and the security in all your clouds, is fundamental to how security is the future of business.

For more information on Lacework’s partnership with Google Cloud and others, visit our Google Cloud partner page.

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