The Lacework Guide to AWS re:Inforce in Boston

Yeah, down by the river,
Down by the banks of the river Charles,
That’s where you’ll find me,
Along with lovers, muggers, and thieves,
Well I love that dirty water,
Oh, Boston, you’re my home…
– The Standells, “Dirty Water”

Boston’s got it all – it was a hotspot for those fomenting a new nation way back before the Revolutionary War, it’s got a triumphant legacy of professional sports, Norm and Cliff hung out at a place where everybody knew your name, and of course, Bostonians can claim Ben Affleck…or maybe they’d rather stick with Ted Williams. Either way, what a town, eh?

Next week, the elite in AWS cloud security will descend upon Beantown for the AWS re:Inforce conference. The first security-focused event by AWS, it promises to be a vibrant showing of vendors, thought leaders, and those who are building innovative solutions to help organizations defend against the bad actors (not referring to Ben Affleck here) of the cyber world.

Lacework will be representing at re:Inforce, so we wanted to give you a quick-and-dirty guide to getting the most out of the event and the city: 

  • Join the Lacework team at booth #542. We’ll give you one of our coveted “Run EC2” shirts if you say hi.
  • Better yet, schedule a short meeting with us – register here, and after the meeting, we’ll send you a pair of Bose wireless headphones because, well, at Lacework, security rocks!
  • We party. You party. Let’s party together! Join us at Drink Fort Point (348 Congress Street) at 7pm on Tuesday, June 25th for our Cocktails and Clouds happy hour. Food and drinks provided by us.
  • Partake in AWS’ Hydrate and Help campaign to reduce waste and promote clean water.
  • If you get to the conference early, consider checking out the Sox playing the other Sox (from Chicago) at Fenway. DO NOT cheer against the home team.
  • Get some canned bread.
  • Have a cold one at the Cantab Lounge, where upstairs you can argue with the locals about who’s the better human being, John the Baptist or Tom Brady, and downstairs you can engage in some slam poetry.

AWS re:Inforce

Boston is a wonderful, classic city. Hanging with the Lacework team will make it even better. We look forward to seeing you next week. It’s gonna be a wicked rippah…


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