Introducing Cloud Security Automation for Dummies

Need some help getting started with the cloud? We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our very own ebook, Cloud Security Automation for Dummies. In addition to providing a comprehensive walkthrough of automated cloud security, this ebook gives you the knowledge you need to get the most out of our groundbreaking security platform.

Best of all, this ebook was created just for Lacework users. Whether you’re interested in container security or curious about agent versus agentless monitoring, our manual has it covered. As a bonus, convenient text boxes placed throughout feature useful definitions and explanations of key industry concepts.

In five succinct chapters, we guide you through your cloud security journey. After we set the stage for cloud security automation in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 teaches you how to choose a cloud security solution, establish full cloud visibility, and identify behaviors versus rules. Chapter 3 explores managing your cloud security posture, garnering insight from cloud logs, and crafting cloud workload protection. Then, in Chapter 4, we cover the end game: understanding protection platforms and their benefits over legacy models, exploring why legacy models are passé, and pondering point solution problems.

In a For Dummies tradition, Chapter 5 wraps up our story with a list of greatest hits. Here’s a peek inside the book: our top ten takeaways, a.k.a. the critical benefits of automating cloud security:

  1. Speed:Automation runs at the speed of the cloud. Things happen fast: in milliseconds to seconds. Humans can type 100 wpm; automation can exponentially beat that.
  2. Accuracy: Once a task or response is tested and debugged, it always works the same way. No typos. No fumbling to remember which menu item to select. In short, no mistakes.
  3. Leverage: Once a task or response is automated, it runs whenever, wherever, and as frequently as needed. No getting tired. Total scalability.
  4. Improved protection: When it comes to responding to security threats, time is money. It’s also reputational damage, fines, penalties, and more. Automation responds to threats while humans are still processing, offers improved and enhanced protection, lowers risk, and reduces exposure.
  5. Cost savings on time and effort: Once a task is automated, no human ever need spend time on it again. The more an automated task is called upon, the more savings it provides.
  6. Improved visibility: From outside the cloud, it’s often difficult to impossible to tell what’s really going on in terms of data motion, access, activity, and manipulation. Through its compact, cloud-native software agents, a proper cloud security platform provides all the gory details, making them visible and documented.
  7. Context-driven understanding: Through machine learning, a cloud protection platform provides information and alerts, along with all the data that staff need to investigate and triage whatever’s going on. Furthermore, such a platform also uses machine learning to ingest, label, and identify cloud behaviors and activities, completely informed by context.
  8. Accurate alerts: A cloud protection platform uses context to establish a baseline for behavior, so it knows precisely what’s normal, expected, and routine. Better yet, that means it also knows what’s new and different, and possibly malignant. That’s how it generates alerts.
  9. Simplified approach: Its baseline uses empirical observation and analysis, meaning that a proper cloud platform is easy to use and work with. No rules to write or maintain.
  10. Behavioral anomaly detection: A cloud platform uses machine learning to ingest, label, and identify cloud behaviors. It knows when behaviors are new and different, and flags them for investigation.

If these tips pique your interest, there’s much more to be found in Cloud Security Automation for Dummies – consider this your call to leave legacy security behind. Discover what cloud security automation can do for you by downloading our ebook today.

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